MIT January Practicum

Each year, 12 - 15 MIT graduate students travel to Malaysia during MIT’s January Independent Activities Period. Prior to leaving, they spend part
of the preceding semester learning about the culture, politics, environment and history of Malaysia. Working with Malaysian graduate students they
spend time in several of the five cities on which we continue to focus. They meet with agency staff and community representatives, taking note of
interesting and important sustainable city development efforts that the Visiting Scholars might spend the following year documenting. When they
return to MIT, they produce an annual Research Agenda that new Visiting Scholars use as a basis for focusing their own field research in Malaysia
the following year.

2017 Practicum MIT Student Participants
Sam Barnard
Nick Cohen
Francis Goyes
Rebecca Hui
Angel Jacome
Cristina Logg
Fernando Madrazo Vega
Alicia Noriega
Adam Rosenfield
Kara Runsten
Griffin Smith
Sera Tolgay
Yiling Xie
2017 Practicum UTM Student Participants
Zul Waqar Khasbollah
Sabeen Qureshi
Nur Shahirah Rusman
Ahmad Syazwan Sahhariman
Al Haziq Abdul Sallam
Muhammad Zakhir Suid
2016 Practicum MIT Student Participants
Maya Abood
Nicholas Allen
Kenny Chan
Isadora Araujo Cruxen
Anna Doty
Mirette Khorshed
Zelin Li
Anthony Medeiros
April Ognibene
Amy Plovnick
Vishnu Prasad
Adler Prioly
Phil Cheng
Sabah Usmani
Valeria Vidal Alvarado
Shenhao Wang
Marcel Williams
2015 Practicum MIT Student Participants
Andrew Binet
Michael Castagnola
Libbie Cohn
Margo Dawes
Elizabeth Irvin
Holly Jacobson
Babak Manouchehrifar
Karuna Mehta
Marcel Williams
Matthew Willner
Lisa Jean Young
2014 Practicum MIT Student Participants
Sara Brown
Cauam Cardoso
Ellen Chen
Julie Curti
Alison Crowley
Christian Desrosiers
Thierno Diallo
Claire Evans
Kelly Heber Dunning
Ksenia Kalandiouk
Phillip Kreycik
Diego Laserna
Anirudh Rajashekar
Lily Steponaitis